Saturday, 24 March 2012

Young Hollywood

Have you ever opened a magazine and saw these young post Disney Hollywood starlets, and said to yourself,  'damn, they make sloppy look hot!' Well I have, and I just love how their outfits always look so comfortable, casual, and easy; as if no effort at all was put into their outfit.

Because I love the look so much I decided to rock something similar today. There are some essential tips to achieving this look from head to toe:

  1. Make sure your hair style is super casual and easy. I did a semi-messy bun for my look.
  2. Minimal make-up; and of course, no celebrity look is complete without shades!
  3. Your top should be really loose, comfortable or even over-sized if you wish.
  4. Accessorize!!! this is one time where it is completely ok to layer on ALL your boho inspired pieces
  5. Short shorts; preferable cut-offs, which are an island girl's must-have
  6. Pair the look with sandals which can be found in any island girl's closet. But don't forget to make sure that your feet and toes are well pedicured; because cute sandals and messed up looking feet 'jus nuh mek it'.
Top: GAP ( which I stylized further, with my scissors :D )

Sunglasses: Ray Ban | Sandals: F21

Bag: Hong Kong Ladies' Market |  Shorts: Hollister

Bracelets: H&M, Bershka | Rings: Primark, Cotton-On | Belt: Bershka | Chain: Cotton-On

Take a look at the vid of the outfit


Have a great day


  1. cool look. perfect for a casual day- errands, day at the mall etc


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