Tuesday, 20 March 2012


While surfing on the net last Sunday evening, I came across a rather interesting find and I figured that I'd share it with you guys. It's a Jamaican based support group of natural hair divas that meet up once a month to discuss their natural hair, how cool is that!! The name of the group is Curly-Centric Jamaica and you can check out their Facebook page here. It's the first of its kind in JA and I'm intrigued .... maybe I should attend a meeting, we'll see ;)

If you're transitioning, already natural, or are thinking about going natural this is the group for you. I've been natural for about 4 years now, but I only recently started paying more attention to my natural hair and how to properly care for it, so if you're unsure about how to take care of your natural hair, sign up to attend a meeting via the group's Facebook page.

Here's a sneak peek of my hair right before I was about to go wash it (I took the picture myself so excuse the weird angle) and some of the products that I use on a weekly basis.

From left to right

Creme of Nature with Argan Oil from Morocco Sulfate Free Moisture & Shine Shampoo (wow ! that's long)
Tangle Teaser
Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner
Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Conditioning Repair Cream
Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque
Spray bottle with a mixture of water, glycerin and rose water
Applicator bottle with homeade scalp oil mixture
Hollywood Beauty Olive Creme Hairdress
Homeade Body Butter/hair moisturizer

We, hope this helps someone out there.

Until next time friends


  1. OMG debbie!! where hav u been my life (or at leas for the past year wen ive been goin natural and tryin to find som real life company instead of jus online blogs etc!) we need to talk!!

  2. HOMEMADE BUTTER??? HOMEMADE SCALP OIL MIXTURE!!! sennnn onnnn that recipe :D

  3. LOL!! no prob Ruth I'll try to do a vid/blog post on how I make the body butter it's SUPER easy. And the scalp oil is pretty simple as well, I just mixed olive, coconut, castor and other oils together with some biotin. You can even check out the store Nettle and Moss they have some great natural products for hair and skin there.


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