Thursday, 22 March 2012

Relaxer Prep

It seems like ages since I've done a hair post, but in this post I want to share with you how I go about prepping my hair for a relaxer in order to get the best possible results. These are the steps/things I would do one week before my relaxer.

  • 7 days before my relaxer I would clarify by using a clarifying or chelating shampoo. This helps to strip your hair of excessive product build up. With this, the relaxer will take to your hair a lot faster, and that reduces the processing time. This also cleans your scalp, so its less likely to itch.
  • After I clarify my hair, I would follow up with a protein based deep conditioner. The protein helps to add strength to your hair. The relaxer process removes protein from your hair, so its essential to use protein prior to or after your relaxer.
  • After I dry my hair (air dry), I would oil my scalp. This helps to provide a barrier between my scalp and the relaxer. So this step is basically for protecting your scalp from the chemicals in the relaxer.
  • During that week I would wear extremely low manipulation styles, usually a low bun. With this, I won't be irritating my scalp much. Less irritation=less chances of getting a relaxer burn.
  • For that week, I won't co-wash my hair, because I don't want to irritate my scalp in anyway. However, I would continue moisturizing and sealing my hair.
  • 1-2 days prior to my relaxer, I would detangle my new growth GENTLY. This will allow the relaxing process to be less stressful on the hair.
I hope this helps you. In another post I will tell you how I prepare my hair before relaxing it, on the day of, so look out for that.

Bye Beauties


  1. i generally have burning because i tend to irritate my scalp days prior to relaxing. what i have done to minimize getting burns is applying a pre-creme treatment to my hair the night b4 or even greasing my edges the night b4. this works me for me

    1. Yea that helps if you have sensitive skin. But you have to be careful with the amount that you put on your scalp because it can hinder the relaxer from penetrating the new growth closer to the scalp.


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