Saturday, 10 March 2012

Collective Haul: Herbs, Oils & Butters

Hey guys check out this video I made on a couple of skincare/haircare products that I've purchased.

From left to right:                                        Center:

Illipe Butter                                                 Fragrance Oils
Dead Sea Mud
Kokum Butter
Organic Babassu Oil
Olive Butter


From left to right:

Essential Oils:
Lemon                                   Patchouli
Rose Absolute                       Eucalyptus
Lemongrass                           Rosemary
Lavender                                Jasmine
Tea Tree                                 Peppermint

From Left to Right:

Neem Oil
Monoi De Tahiti Oil
Organic Sunflower Oil
Hazelnut Oil
Argan Nut Oil

From left to right:

Calendula flowers
Lavender flowers
Rose buds
German Chamomile flowers
Hibiscus flowers
Witch Hazel

Here's the vid...Enjoy!!!

Stay tuned for more vids on how you can make your own body butters, cuticle oil, lip balms and a whole lot more using all these things.In the mean time you can check out From Nature With Love if you're in the market for some of these products.

Until next time friends


  1. You could use the Neem oil as a Pre-poo treatment....the smell wont linger after u shampoo and condition

    1. Thanx Rochelle !!! I'll actually try it out this weekend and see how it goes.

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