Saturday, 17 March 2012

Sushi Double Take: Cocoro Restaurant

While still on my sushi binge, the bf and I decided to explore another restaurant that caters to Japanese cuisine called Cocoro. The restaurant is located at the Mayfair Hotel here in Kingston and it has a quaint setting that allows persons to choose either outdoor or indoor dining. The decor isn't much to talk about, on their website they describe it as 'modern' but I beg to differ, it's very lacklustre and outdated and far from modern. On the other hand, the atmosphere was cozy and serene and the staff is very attentive. The food was a stark contrast to the decor, the presentation of the dishes gets an A in my book and everything tasted fantastic; some of the menu items, however, bear a striking similarity to those served at East Japanese - is it a coincidence? I think not .... I heard that the chef Mr. Tomohisa Natsume was previously a part of the East team of chefs until he decided to go solo, hence the similarity.

I must admit that since our initial visit to Cocoro, we have actually been back about three times... I just love it! Whenever I go out to dinner with the bf I prefer a more quiet and private setting and at Cocoro I get just that, and to be brutally honest, unlike some other restaurants they don't slap your bill with a mandatory gratuity percentage so you can tip the waitress/waiter at your own free will, which we always do. The cost of dining is reasonable IMO, based on the fact that it is a specialty restaurant. Dinner for two runs us around JMD$4000 - $5000.

Here are just a few pictures, I was too hungry to take anymore ;)

Cocoro Set

Chicken Teriyaki

Salmon Skin Roll

excuse the picture quality guys... I used my BB phone ;)

Until next time folks!!

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