Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Indian Expo

Last Sunday I trekked on over to the Indian Expo after seeing an ad for the event on TV and in the newspaper. I was excited to attend the show since I was looking forward to purchasing some authentic Indian jewelry and beauty products.

Gleaner Ad Clip

The expo took place at the Girl Guide's Association, which is right next door to Devon House, it was free admission and there was ample parking, but the best thing about it was that the venue wasn't extremely packed, so you had room to move around and easily view what was on display. Here's a few pictures of the venue.

Venue Poster

Venue Entrance

On sale there was a variety of items from authentic Indian Sarees, gorgeous beaded tops, menswear, shoes, jewelry, home decor items, and furniture.

Now I was a bit disappointed because I was looking forward to seeing more hair care products such as Amla Oil and Indigo, but they did have small packets of Henna there, but I passed on it. The beaded tops would have worked great as a beach cover up, but they didn't have my size :( I however, took advantage of the sale on some bright beaded necklaces and bracelets which were 1 for JMD$400 and 3 for JMD$1000, keychains for JMD $100, incense, etc. In all I spent JMD $2000 at the event , take a look at what I purchased.

Intricate Cocktail Ring ($500)

Incense ($150 each) and Keychains ($100 each)

Beaded Necklaces (3 for $1000)

The expo will be heading to Mobay from March 30 - April 8, so if you're on that side of  the island, pass by and take a look.

Until next time friends

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