Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Makeup Haul: Sigmax Synthetic Brush Sets

I’m an avid fan of all things Sigma, so when they introduced their newest line of synthetic brushes I pounced on the opportunity to scoop these sets up for myself. I already own a couple of Sigma makeup brushes so these were a great addition to my collection …… so check ‘em out for yourself.


The Synthetic Precision Kit features four brushes which are ‘developed to mimic your fingertips when applying makeup on the most sensitive and precise areas of your face’.  They are super soft and I can be used for blending out your concealer on those pesky trouble spots on your face to evenly applying your eyeshadow bases to your lids… the possibilities are endless….. I can’t wait to use them in future makeup tutorials.  The set contains

P80 - Precision Flat
P82 - Precision Round
P84 - Precision Angled
P86 - Precision Tapered

The Synthetic Kabuki Kit also contains four larger brushes which are similar to the precision brushes just bigger; these too are great face brushes,  and since they are synthetic they’ll be great for blending out cream and liquid products so you can achieve that perfect ‘movie star’ airbrushed look. They too are soft to the touch and densely packed…you’ll be seeing these in my upcoming tutorials as well… I hope you’re just as excited as I am. The brushes in this set are

F80 – Flat Kabuki
F82 – Round Kabuki
F84 – Angled Kabuki
F86 – Tapered Kabuki


Price:  USD$99 but always try to google discount codes before you purchase your brushes
I also got a free travel sized blending brush with my purchase.

You can get your Sigma makeup brushes  at
I'll catch you guys on my next post.....

Monday, 23 January 2012

Smooth Transition

As Spring approaches I get more and more excited about the lovely weather and not to mention the beautiful soft pastels and sorbet colour trend that will be popular this spring! However, I will definitely miss the glitz and sparkles that dominated the winter festive season. With that, I came up with the perfect and super easy nail design that merges the two season's trends effortlessly. 

...Shannon xoxo

Sunday, 22 January 2012

New Obsession: Sizzling Snakeskin

Currently, I am obsessed with snakeskin. I love everything!...handbags, shoes, accessories. So, of course my recent purchases had to be snakeskin related.I went to Steve Madden and got these two lovely shoes in hopes of quenching this for casual wear and the other for dressing up. Shoes are the perfect way to pull off this Spring 2012 trend. 

P.S. They're both faux snakeskin

...Shannon xoxo

Hair Journey 101: Moisture-Protein Strand Test

Moisture Protein Balance

As with everything in life, there has to be balance; this philosophy also applies to your hair. It is important to make sure that your hair is in perfect balance as this will prevent breakage and your hair will be in a healthy place. The ying and yang of a hair care regimen are moisture and protein. On a healthy hair journey you have to be careful and try to avoid both moisture and protein overloads. It is important to do a strand test to determine if your hair is in balance or lacking either moisture or protein.

Importance of balance:

Moisture is important because it provides your hair with elasticity; with that, when stress or tension is placed on the hair it will be able to better resist it.

Protein is just as important because it’s a part of the hair structure and when hair is processed/ chemically treated, this tends to break down and in some cases remove protein from the hair strands, therefore you need to add a protein treatment your regimen as this will strengthen the hair and lessen breakage.

Overload Signs:

Moisture overload - mushy (especially when wet)/ overly soft/ lifeless/weak/limp

Protein overload - hair feels rigid/ brittle/ lacks elasticity/breaks easily

Perfect Balance

When the strand test is done you will find that the hair strand stretches a bit and then bounces back.


...Shannon xoxo

Minted Polka Dots

 Top, Denim pants, Belt, and Watch: Forever 21
Braided Bracelels: Aldo
Shoes: Kmart 
Ring: Beauty Supply Store
Pastels are a great trend this spring, so I picked up this inexpensive outfit from Forever 21 to pull of the trend during my Christmas vacation in Florida last year,. To tone down the bright pants a little I threw on a black and white polka dot top and a pair of khaki slip on shoes. I added a few splashes of colour in my jewelry and belt, but still keeping it simple for the day as I was up and about running errands.

Try out the pastel trend yourself.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Product Focus: Enzyme Masks

Unlike your typical clay or mud masks which mainly work to extract excess oil and sebum in the skin; enzyme masks actually dissolve the surface layer of yucky dead skin cells that can cause your face to look dull or even breakout. Using an enzyme mask also helps with enlarged pores, hyperpigmentation/dark spots, premature wrinkles, and it improves circulation and texture of the skin leaving it soft and smooth.  After rummaging through my ‘product armoire' (as I call it), here’s the run down of what I came out with


Basic Info:  It’s a 3oz jar and the product is a transparent green liquid- gel

Price: around $11 at Walmart
Pros: made with 100% vegetarian ingredients, calms minor breakouts, gives your face a fresh healthy
glow, very potent without being too harsh on the skin, hypoallergenic, doesn’t cause any visible peeling of the skin, and Alba Botanica does not test it products on animals.

Cons: when applied it has a strong burning/tingling sensation, smells a tangy sour green apple ( if that makes sense), but it’s not an overpowering scent.

Rating:  5/5


Basic Info:   Comes in a 6 fl oz tube, and the gel like product has tiny exfoliating beads. This is made up of a cocktail of Alpha Hydroxy Acids(AHAs), Pineapple extracts, and vitamins.

Price:  $3 or $4 at Ulta

Pros: super affordable, made with some natural ingredients, doesn’t cause any visible peeling of the skin, and Freeman does not test on animals. 

Cons: I got no noticeable results

Ratings: 2/5


Basic Info:  You get 2.75 oz of product in the jar, and this mask has an added kick with 10% glycolic acid mixed in. It is a must that the product be refrigerated after opening.

Price: $19 plus S&H from

Pros: the added  glycolic acid makes it very potent without being too harsh on the skin, has a great pumpkin pie scent, made with other plant extracts and vitamins, does not cause noticeable peeling of the skin, strong enough to be used all over the body, skin looks and  feels healthy and clean after usage.

Cons: can only be ordered online so that means you have to pay for S&H and wait for it to be delivered, and it has a strong tingling/burning sensation when applied

Ratings: 4.5/5

Hope this helps !!
Until next time....Debbie

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