Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Red Hot Part Deux

As a follow up to Shannon's Red Hot post, I wanted to show you guys a couple of options if you're on the hunt for that perfect red lipstick...I ran through my makeup collection and I've found a couple shades of red to show you guys. Red lipsticks can either be blue based (they make your teeth look whiter) or yellow/orange based (the lipstick has a 'orangey' or brown undertone); they recommend that yellow/orange based reds are more flattering on darker complexioned women and blue based reds are suitable for fairer skin tones; but I say screw the rules wear what you like!!! I would suggest that you should try on the red lip when you have on a full face of make-up; trust me, it's a lot less shocking then. My favourite of the bunch is actually MAC's Russian Red (a blue based red).

When wearing a red lipstick, I recommend that you use a red lip pencil so that the colour stays vibrant and doesn't bleed outside of the lips, you can even wear the lip pencil on its own, just make sure you moisturize your lips prior to applying it. NXY cosmetics makes different shades of red lip pencils that you can choose from.

If you're not a fan of lipsticks you can always opt for a red lip gloss instead. Here's a few in various shades and opacity. The first set are from sheer to medium opacity and the second set are much more full, opaque coverage.

And for the piece de resistance... the red lipsticks. There are tons of reds to choose from so you can either sport a bold glossy red or a deeper almost burgundy lip.

Whatever shade you choose, just make sure it doesn't get on your teeth... that's a big NO NO!! so check your teeth before you step out the house ok ladies ;)  TIP: Stick your finger between the centre of your lips and gently pull it out this will take off the excess lipstick that might get on your teeth.

Don't be afraid to take the leap and try out a bright red lip, you never know it might be a hit!!!

Hope this helps
See ya later

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