Monday, 30 April 2012

Items Favoured & Flawed

I have decided to introduce this new segment here on our blog where  I'll sporadically feature beauty & hair care products, clothing pieces and a couple other things that I have been gravitating towards and loving and even things that just didn't make the cut for me. So without further adieu here is my first installment of  Items Favoured and Flawed.

Items Favoured

Slatkin & Co candles from Bath & Body Works

  • First up are these mini candles that I got from Bath & Body works; they're tiny but that pack a big punch, they'll leave you room smelling like an island escape. They come it an assortment of scents but I love the tropical scents. You can use them at home or in your hotel room when travelling.

  • This Evian Facial Spray is great for spritzing my face when I think my makeup looks a little bit too powdery or cakey.

  • I know I did a blog post on Tea Tree Oil for a 'on the spot' blemish treatment, but it turns out the Lemon Oil is just as good and it has a great fruity scent as well.

  • My MAC Matchmaster foundation in 8.5 goes perfect with the Studio Careblend Pressed powder in Deep Dark. They're a match made in heaven.

  • This Avon shave gel helps me to get a smoother shave and I really prefer it to those foaming shave creams. It also has Shea Butter so your legs don't feel dry after shaving.

  • I got this Bare Escentuals Buxom mascara as a sample and I've been in love with it ever since. As you can see the plastic bristles really help to separate my lashes and gives a natural volume to them as well.

  • As you can probably tell, I need a new packet of wipes. I know I raved about my Equate facial wipes, but these are thick, inexpensive, and easier to get in JA. I use them to take off my makeup and they're great for spot cleaning brushes, and even cleaning up my vanity whenever I make a mess.

Item Flawed

  • I expected this locally made Naniki African Black Soap to be great, especially with all the benefits that Black Soap has for acne prone skin like mine, but this face wash is VERY watery, it has a lot of Lavender Oil in it ( a bit too much for my liking) and it leaves a residue on my skin which makes me feel as though I didn't wash my face properly. I definitely regret getting this.

Well there you have it folks, my very first  Items Favoured and Flawed... I hope it helped.

Keep safe friends, until next time


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