Friday, 6 April 2012

Ital Livity Expo

Hey Friends!! The Ital Livity Expo held on March 31, 2012 at the Twelve Tribes of Israel Headquarters (TTI HQ) in the Liguanea area was a must see event and I'm glad that I attended. Here's the ad

Gleaner Ad

The event was aimed at funding the Jamaican Rastafarian Development Community Elementary School in Shashamene, Ethiopia and it was only JMD$200 entry fee... I say that was money well spent! :).  There was so much to see and do and exhibitors ranged from jewelry, clothing & handbag designers and retailers; natural/ital food restaurateurs and natural juices were made right on spot!!; hairstylists; home decor items; books; there was also blood pressure, HIV and glucose testing and so much more!! It was great to see how they incorporated so many great things at the venue. The most interesting of all, IMO was the HUMONGOUS variety of natural and locally made beauty and hair products that were on display. Here are a couple pics of the event

Event Banner

Lockology, Summer Day Naturals & Pickneys Products

Naniki Jewelry

Irie Handbags

I unfortunately didn't do any shopping but I did purchase a Strawberry Banana Smoothie made by Live!Juice Bar;  it was yummy and refreshing and best of all ALL NATURAL!! she had wheat grass shots, fruit and vegetable juice blends and judging from how great my smoothie tasted, I'm sure everything else would have tasted fantastic as well, take a look at her booth.

I went with my boyfriend, and he really loved it, here's what he purchased

The event was very well organised, and it was a pleasure to be there; being at the event even inspired me to change my diet and eating habits, which have not been too good lately, and adapt a more healthier 'livity', seeing so many great food/health options that are available in Jamaica, makes it so much easier.

So until my next post have a great day everyone!!

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