Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Glitterati Lips

Hey friends!! Glitter is great for carnival and you can wear it practically anywhere on your body... including on the lips. Here's a quick and easy 'how to' when trying to achieve Glitterati Lips.

Here's what I used:

Wet 'n' Wild Idol Eyes in Distress (this is actually an eye shadow pencil)
Sleek Pout Paint in Peek-a-Bloo
Milani 3D Glitzy Glamour Gloss in Movie Star
Sally Girl Glitter in Midnight Blue
Lip brush
Concealer brush
Liquid concealer/foundation

Step 1

Make sure to start with a base for your lips, use a coordinating base for whatever lip colour you choose to wear.

Step 2

Apply your lip colour using your lip brush, making sure to apply it neatly.

Step 3

Carefully using the same lip brush, apply a coordinating gloss, if you don't have a matching lip gloss use a clear one, it will work just as well. This is very important as it's the gloss that adheres the glitter to the lips.

Step 4

Now pour the loose glitter onto a clean surface and use your ring finger to gently pick up the glitter and press it into the lips. You might need to wipe off your finger when applying the glitter if it gets too sticky. Just keep applying until you're satisfied with the result.

Step 5

Clean up the edges of your lips with a liquid concealer or your foundation with a concealer brush.

End Result

Now here are a few other glitter lip colours that I tried, have a look....

These glittery lips will surely add some pizzaz to your carnival makeup look, try 'em out!!
Have fun on the road friends!



  1. Love this! I did similar looks for my friend's Carnival earrings which she asked me to model. Check out the photos of my red glitter lips here.

    and my blog here

  2. Thank you Chants!! Your red lips looked great!! We'll definatley be checking out your blog.

  3. I like the purple one. Cute.

    1. Thank you Karee, I think that's my favourite one as well.


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