Monday, 16 April 2012

Carnival 2012 Highlights

Hey guys, I'm back with some pictures that I took at yesterday's Carnival 2012, have a look
Nebula Costume

Robotika Costume

Avatar Costume

Radio personality Miss Kitty and a fan

Male Eucladeaus Costume

Revelers in the rain

Galactika Costume

My friend in her Supernova Costume

Despite the heavy rain and the fact that this year's procession was much longer, due to the change of venue, I hope that you enjoyed this year's carnival whether you were a reveler or onlooker.

Have a great day guys and stay tuned for some Carnival Makeovers tomorrow!!!


  1. love it! Would love to see u guys in costume!

  2. Hey Chantel, unfortunately we didn't play mass this year..we were just onlookers this time around.

    1. Ohh. i've never played but I want to next year. It looks so amazing. Trinidad's carnival is hugee!


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