Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Carnival Tips

Well it's that time again folks!! JA CARNIVAL 2012 is approaching, so in anticipation of the upcoming revelry and debauched festivities, we wanted to give you a few pointers that will hopefully help you while playing mass this Sunday, April 15, 2012... Here we go.....

  1. Wear sunblock and a pair of sunglasses: getting sunburned is painful, so remember to protect your skin from the elements. Neutrogena makes a great spray on sunblock that's quick and easy to apply.
  2. Ladies take a very small purse with you: you should have essentials like money, your keys, a piece of tissue, camera and the all important CELL PHONE. You can even coordinate the purse with your costume. I would suggest wristlets or a small cross bag
  3. Drink Responsibly!!! sun hot and alcohol nuh 'gree (as we say in JA); so if you're playing mass make sure to pace yourself when consuming alcohol and drink lots of water in between.
  4. Keep hydrated and eat prior to taking part in the revelry: unless you want to play mass in an ambulance, I suggest that you eat before and drink lots of water while you walk... don't worry about the bathroom there's usually porter potties on the Zoukie trucks.
  5. Wear comfy shoes: we all know carnival is like a sporting event to see who can keep up the longest, so to make sure that you last for the entire journey wear sneakers that cushion your feet. You can even spray paint them to coordinate with your outfit.
  6. Wear skintone tights: not because it's carnival you should feel as though you can set your cellulite free! skintone tights make your legs look great and hide any imperfections.
  7. Take someone with you: it's always fun to enjoy the moment with your friends or a family member, and as a female they can help you tackle any unknown weirdo from gyrating on you :)
  8. Glitterize & Accessorize: Everyone in your band is gonna be dressed like you, so why not stand out above everyone else, personalize your costume by wearing jewelry, head pieces/bands, body art, etc. and remember on carnival day you can't have too much glitter!!
  9. Prior to playing mass it would be good to start working out, not only to have the perfect body, but also to avoid being sore and extremely exhausted. So get your body in shape!
  10. If you plan on wearing a new shoes, like those fancy boots that are now so popular with carnival costumes; I would suggest that you break them in before playing mass. I know you want to look cute, but be smart because the blisters you will get...aren't so cute. You can get your carnival boots at Intuition.
  11. As it is getting closer to lunch time (break time) it would be smart to make your way a little ahead of the pack. This way you'll get to the rest point ahead of a lot of people so you can get your lunch quicker and your able to scope out the best resting spot.
  12. If possible, try walking with a ziplock bag, so if it rains you can protect your valuables (aka your phone)
  13. Be aware of those around you and your possessions. I know with all the niceness of the music and the whining, you might tend to lose your mind, but remember that's the time you are most likely to lose something valuable, and even be more attractive to pickpockets
  14. The all important rule for your makeup is to wear a primer. With the heat and sweat you dont want all your beautiful makeup to melt or smudge off.
  15. HAVE FUN!!: Carnival only comes once a year, so whether it's your first or fiftieth time playing mass, just enjoy it and have LOTS of fun, and remember it's all in good fun, if a weirdo comes and gyrates on you just laugh it off that's what carnival is all about.

Hope you guys have fun on carnival day!!
Until then, take care

Debbie & Shannon

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