Monday, 16 April 2012

Carnival Make Over Part 1

Carnival is the time to bring out those bright bold colours, all the gems and feathers you can find and TONS of glitter, and the best thing about it is... there are no rules to follow!!! you could do wild and crazy things with your makeup, and the more colours the better.

This year I did makeup looks for my two gorgeous friends this year. This is Ruth

She opted to keep her makeup simple with added gems on her temples.
How do you think she looks?


  1. She looks great. I love how simple yet bold the makeup is. Great job!

  2. Nice! I looooove this look. Great Job! :)

  3. Great job!!!!! Talk about transformation!!!

  4. What colors did u use on the lips btw... and where can i get them :D

    1. Hi there! I used the Sleek Makeup Pout Paints in Mauve Over (fuschia pink colour) and I put Cloud 9 (a white colour) in the center of her lips. I'm not sure if they sell Pout Paints here in JA, but you can use OCC lip tars which are the same thing and I've seen them at Urban Beauty (Village Plaza, Half Way Tree) and Face Forward (Orchid Village Plaza, Barbican. Hope this helps!!


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