Monday, 2 April 2012

Frugal Shopping with a Cause

So this weekend boasted a slew of events, there was so much to do in Kingston, so I had to narrow it down and choose a couple that I thought I could show you guys. The first event I went to was held at Back on the Rack and I found out about it through the Observer, take a look at the ad

This event was basically for all those who love to thrift shop and, the greatest thing about shopping at the event was that you were giving back to charity as all the proceeds were in aid of Missionaries of the Poor. I got there at about 2:30pm which was almost near closing time, but I managed to pick up this frugal find which can be worn as a cardigan/jacket, I will have to do some alterations no doubt, but at the end I think it would be a great piece for styling a colour blocked outfit, it was for JMD$500 but I asked for a discount and she gave it to me for JMD$400, have a look...

Not many people were at the event by the time I got there, but I didn't mind ;) it was interesting to rummage through the inventory that the store had on display, here a few pics

If you're interested in testing out the 'thrift shopping waters', this event is held on the last Saturday of every month, but you can always pass by the venue at 28 Collins Green Avenue and stop by the Back to the Rack store itself and do your shopping there.

p.s. Always remember to wash your frugal finds before you wear them, even if they look clean/unworn

Happy Shopping to my Frugal Shoppers!!!


  1. I've always wanted to see what this what about. Maybe the next time it comes around...

    1. Once your willing to rummage through the things maybe you'll find something that's worth your while.


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