Saturday, 1 December 2012

World Aids Day 2012

Hi guys! This is one of the special days that I commemorate since the inception of the blog and I will continue to pay homage to those who are affected directly and indirectly by this debilitating disease as long as possible. In 2011 I created this simple nail look here but this year I wanted to test out my makeup skills and try out this graphic eyeliner look with a bold red lip. I hope you enjoy the look, but most importantly I hope that you understand the meaning of this day which is that AIDS can affect anyone so GET TESTED,  ALWAYS PRACTICE SAFE SEX, and most importantly people with AIDS should not be shunned and as a society we can grow to become more tolerable of those infected with this disease.

All the junk I used

Stay Safe friends


  1. Thank you ladies, happy you liked it!

  2. def on the dramatic side. but i like it nonetheless :-)

    1. Yea I was trying to tap into my creative side and I'm glad you like it though!Thanks

  3. Love it! This is really Haute


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