Thursday, 20 December 2012

Homeade Body Butter Souffle

Hey guys! Today's Christmas DIY gift is also a skincare post. I've previously mentioned that I love making my own body creams/butter because I have really dry skin, this is also great for persons who have eczema as well. This is a great gift and I'll show you how you can make your own at home. You are more than welcome to make the recipe your own by using whatever ingredients you have it  will work out just as great! so let's jump into it.

Here's what you'll need:


Saucepan                                                               Tablespoon
Metal mixing bowl                                                Wooden popsicle stick
Hand mixer                                                            Container to place body souffle


Carrier Oils                                                                  Butters
Vitamin E Oil                                                                Shea Butter
Coconut Oil                                                                  Cocoa Butter
Extra Virgin Olive Oil                                                    Raw Mango Butter
Jojoba Oil                                                                     Olive Butter
Monoi de Tahiti Oil                                                       Illipe Butter
Castor Oil                                                                     Kokum Butter
Apricot Oil

Essential Oils

How to

1. I will be using the double boiler method to melt my butters, but you can also opt to melt the butters in the microwave. To begin, add water to the saucepan and place on a low heat until the water begins to steam. The metal mixing bowl can now be placed on top of the saucepan in order to make the double boiler.

2.  You can begin adding your butters to the double boiler at this time by using the tablespoon. For harder butters such as the cocoa butter you might need to use a knife to break it into small chunks. I do not use exact measurements, I simply add the ingredients to my liking.

3. You must keep an eye on the butters while they are melting, AT NO TIME should the water in the saucepan or the butters come to a boil, if this happens turn off the heat and allow the butters to slowly melt on their own.

4. When everything has liquefied, remove the metal mixing bowl from the saucepan and place aside to cool. You can now stir the liquid with the wooden popsicle stick to ensure that all the butters are well combined.

5. After 15-20 minutes, the mixture should have cooled considerably and you can begin adding your carrier oils. Ensure that the liquefied butters and oils are mixed well by using the popsicle stick once again.

6. Place the mixture into the freezer. 

7. After another 15 minutes, remove the mixing bowl from the freezer. The mixture SHOULD NOT BE FROZEN,  it may have hardened a little around the edges but in the center should still be in a liquid state. At this point the mixture should also have an opaque appearance. Use the popsicle stick to stir the mixture once again, it should look similar to the image below.

9. Add your essential oils to the opaque liquid; once again I do not use exact measurements, I just add to my liking. Once you begin stiring the essential oils into the mixture it will begin to slowly firm up as you can see in the image below. Essential oils should never be added to anything to too warm/hot as they will evaporate and you will loose their benefits.

10. 'WHIP & REST': Now begin whipping the mixture with the hand mixer on a low setting. For me this is the most important step because the longer you whip the mixture the softer it will become and maintain that softness afterwards. After whipping the mixture for 10 minutes, leave it to rest for another 12 minutes.This is the 'whip and rest' step as I like to call it and it takes me about an hour and a half of whipping and resting to get it to the souffle consistency that I like. At every whipping interval I also like to increase the speed of the hand mixer.

N.B. At first the mixture will have the consistency of cake batter, then it eventually thickens to a marshmallow frosting consistency after the 'whip and rest' step is completed you can see how it gradually thickens in the pictures below.

11. Now after all that hard work you're done!! just use the tablespoon that we had earlier to spoon the mixture into container. After several hours the mixture would have solidified into to a light souffle texture. I use this as my everyday moisturizer and it isn't too oily as the Kokum butter helps the body butter souffle to absorb quickly into the skin

To spruce this up for Christmas add a bow or ribbon to your jar. Also remember to research your ingredients before using them.


  1. This is such a nice idea! where do you get all your ingredients from especially the oils and the butters?

    1. I bought some of the oils/butters from and the butters from and everything else I purchased at my health food store. Glad you liked it!!

  2. I love the idea of making my own body butter as I have trouble finding scents I like. Will definitely be trying this in the New Year!

    1. I hope it works out great for you!!It's really fun when you can customize something for your personal preference.

  3. This might be a silly question....but do you choose one oil from each category or are you using all of the oils from each category???

    1. No, it's not silly. I used all the oils listed (essential & carrier oils) but that's because I like using a LOT of oils & butters in my mixture, but you don't really need so many ingredients tbh


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