Saturday, 12 January 2013

Nail Inspiration: African Print Fabric

Hi guys, I love vibrant and bold nail art but at times I can run out of ideas on what design to create on my nails, so I looked to basic things around me for some inspiration and I found some inspiration for my nail designs, this time around it's a piece of African fabric that I had laying around. The bright red-orange and yellow colours definitely caught my eye. It was a bit tedious because I had to mix a few nail polishes in order to get my desired colour, but I love the bold and loud colours. Take a look at my inspiration and execution and let me know what you think about it.

Until next time guys, stay inspired!


  1. Very creative Debbs!!!!


  2. This is really nice. Do you have a striper? Because I always want to get thin lines like what you have but don't know where to get a striper.

    1. I actually used a very small brush, you could probably use a small artist's brush to do the same thing


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