Friday, 4 January 2013

Style Icon: Eva Marcille Pigford

Eva emerged on the fashion scene after she accomplished the title of America's Next Top Model, but over the years she has definitely proven to be a triple threat.. model, actress and has recently added t.v.producer to her list of talents. I really took notice of her on her new t.v reality show called Girlfriend Confidential: LA; she is a fashion chameleon in my opinion as she has so many different facets to her personal style...she can make sexy look effortless by rocking a pair of cut off shorts, a button down shirt, and a killer pair of heels or she can flip the script to become a chic and sophisticated business woman, her looks are endless and I think that's what I admire most about her style; I must also add...THE HAIR, she definitely knows how to rock a short hair do and she changes it up by going from brown to platinum and back again :). She has steps out of the box and isn't afraid to mix it up a bit, and for this reason she is my Style Icon.

You can always catch up with more of Eva's fashion styles on Girlfriend Confidential: LA
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  1. I didn't take note of how versatile she could be. Thanks for this post!

    1. You're welcome Afayah! her style is pretty versatile a little funky, but in a good way :)


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