Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Wet 'n' Wild Lipstick Haul

Wet 'n' Wild has been turning heads with their super pigmented and highly affordable eyeshadow palettes, but don't sleep on their lipsticks though, they are just as pigmented and affordable running for only USD $2.99 each. They come in a variety of gorgeous matte shades and of course I had to pick up a few to add to my collection, so I figured I would show you guys what I got.

New Wet 'n' Wild shades

Purty Persimmon: an orange based red

Don't Blink Pink: a bright medium toned  pink

Dollhouse Pink: a blue based pink (reminds me of MAC's St. Germain)

Cherry Picking: a bold and deep berry shade

Have you guys tried the Wet 'n' Wild lipsticks? lemme know what you think about them.


  1. A few months ago I bought two - Stoplight Red and Cherry Bomb. They're great! My Cherry Bomb's almost done too lol. I wanna try a pink like what you have. Where'd you get yours?

    1. Hey Afayah! I actually got mine while I was away the other day @ CVS

  2. Good taste.....I bought the same lipstick by Wet & Wild three months ago. It's called Wet 'n' Wild's, Bare It All lipstick 902. It's a nude color, a pale color to wear with a bold eye. I'm going to go shopping for those colors you swatched because they are haute!

  3. I'm glad the swatches helped :) I have a 902C by Wet 'n' Wild and it's a nude as well but it doesn't have a name just the number. I looovve the dollhouse pink colour.


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