Monday, 10 September 2012

FNO Recap: Night at Nettle & Moss

Hi guys! As we all know the annual Fashion's Night Out (FNO) event was held on Thursday September 6, 2012 and if you're a shopaholic like myself, you would have been out trying to find the best deals and steals that many stores had to offer for the night, but for FNO Exotic You spent the entire night at Nettle & Moss, Why? because we were invited by the lovely Aisha Morgan, manager of the boutique, to partake in the fantastic Carol's Daughter launch event at the store, where not only were all Carol's Daughter products 10% off for the night, but patrons at the event had a chance to meet and interact with the wonderful and gorgeous power house behind the brand Miss Lisa Price.

Miss Lisa Price herself

The event was awesome and well organized, patrons were able to freely browse and ask questions on the wide variety of local and imported products and brands that are retailed at Nettle & Moss ,while sipping on Appleton cocktails and munching on yummy hors d'oeuvres; some of the other hair and skincare brands which were on sale included Naniki Naturals, Blended Beauty, Kumea's Hair Perspective, and Nubian Heritage. It was great to be around persons who spoke and  understood the 'hair lingo' such as co-washing, BC (Big Chop), transitioning, pre poo, and other hair related jargon and also get hair care advice from Lisa herself as well as hairstylist Vonessa from Vonessa's Salon & Spa.

The highlight of the night for me was actually having a chance to hear Miss Lisa Price share her story of how her brand, Carol's Daughter, progressed over the years. Lisa started the brand as a simple hobby of making home made skincare products, and under the suggestion of her mother Carol, she began selling these products at local church fairs where they instantly became a hit; the business then progressed to where she made and distributed her products from her tiny apartment in New York and for six years she continued her passion until it blossomed into the brand we know today. For me, this is a remarkable feat and a very humbling and inspiring story of how a woman has defied all odds and brought herself to the top through sheer will, determination and wisdom and it should serve as an inspiration to all female entrepreneurs as well.

Kudos and thanks to Aisha for finally bringing the Carol's Daughter line to Jamaica and congrats on being the only distributor/retailer of the brand within the Caribbean!

Now enough talking, here are a few pictures from the event

Our invite

Helping ourselves to the food

Shopaholics doing what they do best...SHOPPING!

The women behind the event

Lisa Price and Vonessa form Vonessa's Salon & Spa doing a live demo with Carol's Daughter products

Other brands sold at Nettle & Moss
A few of Carol's Daughter skincare products
My friend Krystle and I

Aisha Morgan, owner of Nettle & Moss, and myself

DJ on duty
Photo credit: SKKAN Media

Hope to had fun at this year's FNO!!
Until the next one....


  1. I love ur outfit simple & nice

    1. Thank you MZDDANN!! I'm glad you liked it and thanks for stopping by the blog!!
      Debbie :)

  2. Beautiful is usually honey! Question: What kinda of blush are you wearing? It looks like a coral color, which I'm interested in...but I really want an orangey hue....what do you suggest?

  3. I meant "beautiful as usual" my

    1. Thank you hon! I think it's actually a mixture of things I put on Devil (pro colour)and Ambering Rose over it, both by MAC.


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