Tuesday, 25 September 2012

MAC Arrives in JA!!

FINALLY, FINALEMENT, FINALMENTE!!! Whatever language you speak, if you're an avid fan of MAC as I am you would probably share the same sentiments..... MAC! What took you so long to get here?!!

Well If you haven't already heard through the various media and social network sources, MAC has finally decided to open up its first official retail store here in Kingston, Jamaica at the Sovereign Centre Plaza come this December; it is a long overdue venture in my opinion, but it is welcomed nonetheless. During the press release held last week Thursday, Gisel Calvillo, senior MAC makeup artist, along with other regional MAC directors and managers made the huge announcement and also spoke about the brand at a private event held at the Spanish Court Hotel.

I am beyond elated to say the least, but I am even happier at the fact that no longer will Jamaican women have to settle for the MAC knock-offs that have been circulating in certain retail stores here, no longer will we have to ask (or beg rather) a friend or relative to send us that MAC foundation that we ran out of and can't find anywhere in Jamaica, and I can finally get a hold of those limited edition (LE) MAC collections that they release ever so often. But, with all things said and done it's great to see the new developments within our local beauty industry, especially with the recent launch of Carol's Daughter at Nettle & Moss. Our local makeup artists and enthusiasts alike can indulge in the benefits of one of the best make up brands out there (IMO) and all I wanna say is THANK YOU MAC!!! took you long enough!!!

Hope to be doing a haul once the MAC store officially opens :) ;)
Until then guys, ttyl

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