Thursday, 26 July 2012

Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen Review

When trying to conjure up interesting nail art designs, I always like to consult Google images so I can get tons of inspiration for trendy and intricate designs; but if you're not so skilled in the nail art department it can be a pain in the you know what to try and recreate some of these designs. So while out shopping one day I came across the Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen and I decided to give it a try.

Now I currently own only one colour and its in the colour Black, but they come in a variety of shades that will suite any design that you're going for (check here for the entire colour range). The nail polish flows easily through the fine tip applicator which makes it super easy to draw/write lines, shapes, letters, figures and it's great for creating effortless french manicures, but once you're done you MUST make sure to seal the design in with a good top coat.

A noticeable con to the nail art pen is the fact that shortly after it's applied over another nail polish and left to dry it starts to crackle up a bit and I subsequently had to reapply it in some spots and without applying a top coat the design will definitely rub off/fade out; but besides that I think that it's a great product and I'll probably purchase a few other colours to round off my collection. In the mean time here's a quick outcome of the test run that I conducted on the pen.

Boxed | Unboxed

Fine applicator tip

Test design 1
Test design 2 (before)

10 minutes later without applying a top coat. I scratched my head and this is what happened :)

Has anyone else tried the Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens? lemme know what you think about them
Hope this helped ; )


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