Monday, 16 July 2012

Colour Coordinated Closet

I finished school in Hong Kong and I am now moving back home to Jamaica and with that comes the task of moving ALL my stuff from across the world. I am in the process of organizing my room and closet. I decided to colour coordinate my closet and I got to say, the presentation is so much better! So I am challenging you all to use this summer to clean out your closets and colour coordinate your clothes. It's so much fun!

My attempt at colour coordinating my closet - it's a bit crammed though

Where to begin? I would suggest emptying your closet completely and then start by hanging 'white clothes' and in between you can use the below colour wheel as a guide in the direction of 'light pinks' to 'reds'; then you can end with 'black clothes'. If you don't have a piece of clothing of a specific colour, just skip that colour!

Happy colour coordinating all!
Shannon xoxo


  1. dall'Italia un saluto caloroso...ciao

  2. Hello dear
    cool blog
    i have followed you on GFC
    hope you follow back on both


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