Friday, 8 June 2012

Summer-ize Your Makeup Routine

With the hot summer days quickly approaching, I figured I would give you guys a couple tips to help prevent against the dreaded makeup meltdown and smudges so here we go....

  • If you REALLY want to wear heavier makeup during the summer, opt for foundation, concealers, etc that either have a prolonged wear time or are water resistant. From the drug store to high end department stores, you are bound to find a suitable brand of makeup that is formulated to give you the long lasting effect that you need for the sweltering heat and sweating.

  • Use a makeup finishing spray which helps to lock in your makeup. There are brands such as Urban Decay, Skindinavia and Sacha Cosmetics which offer great makeup setting sprays which act as a sealant for your makeup.

  • Prime Up! I can't stress this point enough, using a good face and eye primer will help your makeup to stay put throughout the day and help to stop your makeup from smudging. Many people swear by Milk of Magnesia as being a great primer as well, as it helps to combat excessive oiliness throughout the day.

  • If you find that no matter what, you still get oily, which may make your makeup smudge, carry some oil blotting sheets with you or an oil blotting powder in your purse to help banish your oily woes and leave your makeup looking fresh.

  • Opt for non oily or water based moisturizers before you apply makeup. You probably won't be needing too much oil based products during the summer,unless you have very dry skin, so switch up some of your skin care items for the hot summer months.

  • Go light on the makeup. Packing on too much foundation during the summer is not suggested, instead try using a good tinted moisturizer and setting it with a very light dusting of powder and if you want you could make your own tinted moisturizer.

  • Try wearing lip stains instead of lip gloss to ensure you have a longer wear.

Hope this helps guys, and if you have any other tips or suggestions on any of my pointers just drop me a comment.

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