Friday, 15 June 2012

China Glaze Polishes Review

There has been a lot of rave about China Glaze polishes on beauty blogs, and being a nail polish junkie I was really anxious to try them out. I wasn't able to find them in HK so I ordered six polishes and two nail treatments online in order to see if all the raves are warranted. Here is what I think of each polish...

Flip Flop Fantasy

OMG! The colour of this polish is AMAZING!!!! It has to be my favourite nail polish colour of ALL time. It's perfect for summer and looks amazing on toe nails, and comes with lots of compliments. I could go on and on about how much I love this polish. Anywho, in terms of application it can be a bit streaky. You will need about two to three coats to get it opaque. A negative is that it doesn't last very long on my finger nails. Despite using China Glaze's base coat and top coat the polish did start chipping at about day three, so I think I will just stick to using this polish on my toes.

Peachy Keen

Peachy Keen is really a nice peachy pastel orange colour. I was excited about this polish until it arrived, because I didn't realize that I actually had a perfect dupe for this colour already in my collection. The application is good because it was streak free. You will need about three coats to get a nice finish and it also dries a bit darker than it appears in the bottle; as you can see in the above picture.

Sunshine Pop
This is a nice summery colour because it's so bright. It applied streak free and was also true to colour as it appears in the bottle. To get a nice opaque look, you will need about three coats. This polish also has a shimmery finish.

Kiwi Cool
This polish is bright! With a capital 'B'. The formula is really thin and because of this it's difficult to achieve an opaque look. You need at least five coats. It's true to colour and can be removed easily. It also has a matte finish.

Towel Boy Toy
To me, this colour is blah because I have seen this colour many times before. It was not what I expected. However, it applies nicely also you need a couple coats to achieve the opaque look. It is streak free and has a shimmery finish.

Crushed Candy
I really wanted to try out their crackle polish so I bought this one; but what a disappointment! I HATE it. I have tried a lot of other less expensive crackle polishes that had wayyyy better results. This polish took forever to start crackling and the finish is simply hideous. I am not sure if I got a bad formula, but I am sure I will never buy another China Glaze crackle polish.

 I also got their Top Coat and Base Coat. Can you really ever tell if a base coat really is working? I am not sure, but all I can say is that the polishes didn't stain my nails. The top coat really did add a nice shine; however it did not prevent my flip flop fantasy from chipping like crazy.

Final Thoughts
Is China Glaze really worth the 6.99 USD retail price? I don't think so. I do believe that they have some unique colours that are lovely and you probably won't ever find a dupe for, like Flip Flop Fantasy. However, I have used many other polishes that are way cheaper and have similar quality results and even longer lasting qualities. So I think that China Glaze is simply all about the hype.

So tell me which China Glaze Polish is your favourite,
Shannon xoxo


  1. Jealous of your Flip Flop fantasy...been seraching for a while for it and I really dont want to buy online since its actually more expensive. China glaze polishes are great but I agree that there are lots of hits and misses in their line. great review

    1. Yea Flip Flop Fantasy is the bomb and a good investment! I wish I have gotten two. You can try because they sell them cheaper, but I am not sure if they ship internationally or you can check Ebay. Good luck love!

      Shannon xoxo


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