Sunday, 10 June 2012

Beginners' Brushes

Let's face it, make-up brushes can get really pricey. So, if you have recently started getting into make-up, like myself, and is interested in purchasing an inexpensive brush set that will get the job done fairly well I would recommend the Coastal Scents brush set and also the E.L.F Studio brush collection.

Coastal Scent 22 Piece Brush Set
In this set you will get 22 brushes, so you know there will be a brush there for whatever it is that you want to do. Also, on the Coastal Scents website they give you a full description of each brush which is very useful. I like this brush set because the brushes are soft and seem durable; the faux leather brush pouch is also a bonus! I don't think you can go wrong with this set because you will be getting 22 brushes for around 35USD, and right now Coastal Scents is having a massive sale with 35% off brushes. So you will be able to purchase the set for 22.71USD...come on, you cannot beat that!

E.L.F Studio 11 Piece Brush Collection
These are another inexpensive brush set that would be perfect for a make-up beginner who really just needs the basics. It comes with 11 brushes, including face and eye brushes, and also a pouch to hold the brushes. It also comes with a little leaflet describing the brushes and their possible usage. The brushes are soft and I am sure they will get the job done. The set also includes the EXTREMELY popular E.L.F Studio powder brush. This brush is really popular with a lot of make-up gurus. The set retails for 30USD on E.L.F website. But you can always wait for them to have a sale, because they are ALWAYS having one, or you can google E.L.F discount codes to see if you get lucky.

Hope you're having an amazing day
Shannon xoxo


  1. I got both of these and they have served me really well so far!

    1. And the great thing about these brushes is the price, they are super affordable for beginners as well. Thnx Naomi

  2. Can you recommend me which one should I choose between both of them for my first brush set?

    1. You should get the Coastal Scents one because you have a greater variety of brushes to work with and the brush set should be on sale on the website for Black Friday/Cyber Monday so go check it out quick!


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