Monday, 20 February 2012

Passion for Pastry

Pastry Passions Desserterie & Bakery is the wonderful creation of the brilliant baker Safiya Burton-Chisholm. This novel bakery brings together traditional Jamaican desserts such as delectable Sweet Potato Pudding and Black Forest Cake, yummy comfort food such as brownies and chocolate chip cupcakes, and other international sweet treats such as British Sticky toffee Pudding and the French dessert - Banana Macadamia Nut Financier.Even though I've visited this quaint little pastry shop several times before, I'm always caught off guard whenever I go because all the delightful pastry items seem to beckon out: Try me, Try me!! But I always give in to my favourites which are her decadent chocolate cupcakes with a dollop of chocolate frosting on top..... it's so simple yet so irresistible ahhhh it's just pure chocolate bliss. I also opted to try her brownies on my last trip to the desserterie but unfortunately they were a bit underwhelming, but not to worry the dessert menu includes a plethora of other scrumptious goodies like Hummingbird Cake, Rumballs, Roullade, milkshakes, and the list goes on and on.

Pastry Passions is located in the Sovereign Centre food court, but in the mean time you can feast your eyes on the pastry selection available by taking a look at the website HERE.

Hope I didn't make you too hungry ;)

I'll see you in my next post friends

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