Monday, 13 February 2012

Going East For Lunch

I had a huge hankering for sushi the other day so the bf and I decided to have lunch at one of Kingston’s premier location for Japanese cuisine called East Japanese (East for short). Tucked away in its own little hiding spot amongst the sea of restaurants at the Market Place shopping complex, East boasts a sultry ambience accented by simplistic Asian style d├ęcor and THE FOOD … words can describe how delicious everything tasted, East has its own team of Japanese chefs so everything is authentically prepared and irresistibly perfected.

 Of course I had sushi for lunch and the bf had Teriyaki chicken, but we were pleasantly surprised when our waiter for the evening brought us a Canadian roll on the house!!! I was literally in sushi heaven. Our lunch order also came with a bowl of Miso soup with tofu and seaweed and a healthy serving of tossed salad drizzled with ginger dressing…. Am I making you hungry yet?

 The restaurant definitely gets an A+ in my book, it’s a nice break from the typical Jamaican rice and peas and chicken that I normally have for lunch and I definitely implore you guys to check it out if you get the chance.



Happy Dining until next time


  1. This is my favourite restaurant in Kingston! Are you girls on twitter?

  2. No, sorry hun we're not on twitter just yet, but once we get our account started we'll let you know. Thanx for stopping by our blog Karee!


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