Sunday, 22 January 2012

Hair Journey 101: Moisture-Protein Strand Test

Moisture Protein Balance

As with everything in life, there has to be balance; this philosophy also applies to your hair. It is important to make sure that your hair is in perfect balance as this will prevent breakage and your hair will be in a healthy place. The ying and yang of a hair care regimen are moisture and protein. On a healthy hair journey you have to be careful and try to avoid both moisture and protein overloads. It is important to do a strand test to determine if your hair is in balance or lacking either moisture or protein.

Importance of balance:

Moisture is important because it provides your hair with elasticity; with that, when stress or tension is placed on the hair it will be able to better resist it.

Protein is just as important because it’s a part of the hair structure and when hair is processed/ chemically treated, this tends to break down and in some cases remove protein from the hair strands, therefore you need to add a protein treatment your regimen as this will strengthen the hair and lessen breakage.

Overload Signs:

Moisture overload - mushy (especially when wet)/ overly soft/ lifeless/weak/limp

Protein overload - hair feels rigid/ brittle/ lacks elasticity/breaks easily

Perfect Balance

When the strand test is done you will find that the hair strand stretches a bit and then bounces back.


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