Saturday, 17 December 2011

Herbal Remedy....Tea Tree Oil for Blemishes

Tea tree  oil was introduced to me one day by an aesthetician after I went in for a spa facial; she recommended it as an effective ‘on the spot treatment’ for acne pimples. At the time I was only slightly familiar with Tea Tree oil and  being the product junkie that I am, I decided to give it a go…. I mean, it couldn’t hurt to try….right? and besides I was in desperately need of something that would help me calm my acne breakouts.


Well ….it didn’t shrink the acne pimples overnight but after two to three nights of using it I saw that my pimples had diminished DRAMATICALLY, they were practically gone. I was impressed because quiet honestly it worked a lot better than other spot treatments I had used such as the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, my Eyes Lips Face (ELF) Zit Zapper and a slew of other drug store products; the best thing about it is that it has natural antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial and antiseptic properties that make it an excellent topical treatment for acne, and it is also proven to help with dandruff, athlete’s foot and even lice…. Yikes!! It does have a very strong, earthy, medicinal scent, so be forewarned if you‘re sensitive to strong scents you might have to get used to this one.

I use it on larger isolated pimples by saturating a q-tip (you can also use a cotton bud) with the oil and then rubbing it directly to the pimple; I always like to reapply the oil twice to the affected area (s). The great thing about this oil is that it absorbs into the skin after a couple minutes so it doesn’t leave a greasy residue behind.

Just so you know….. essential oils are very potent and concentrated plant extracts so make sure that you don’t overuse them and if any irritation occurs PLEASE discontinue using the product. Do a patch test on your inner wrist before applying it to your face just to make sure.

Hope this helps!


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