Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Hair Find: YLE Virgin Hair

Hey guys! as I stumble across certain things that relate to fashion and beauty, I like to share it with you all and I recently came across this company here in JA that specializes in selling virgin hair extensions. Now if you're new to the whole hair game, virgin hair is NOT the typical 'pack' hair that you would normally get in a beauty supply store (which is either synthetic, human or 'Remi' hair). Virgin hair is, as the name states, unprocessed hair that is cut directly from the donor's head so therefore it should have all the cuticles attached and aligned and most importantly it should not have undergone any type of chemical or non chemical alterations. Virgin hair is perfect because of it's durability and versatility. You are able to treat it as if it were your own hair so you can dye it, wash it, swim in it, flat iron it, etc and it should react like ...well... real hair :) Now because virgin hair is of such good quality, it tends to attract a very high price point, but it's an 'investment' because the hair can last through several sew-ins and once you take care of the hair, it will maintain it's original texture.

Now, enough blabbing, on to the company. I haven't purchased from them but from the looks of it they seem pretty legit, their ambassador is Yanique Barret, host of Magnum Kings and Queens and owner of the Material World clothing boutique and their prices seem pretty reasonable for virgin hair. If I do order from them in the future I'll be sure to fill you guys in on it, but for those girls who wanted to try out virgin hair you can contact them through their Facebook.

Dyed hair

Ambassador Yanique Barrett donning their curly hair


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